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Situations Vacant

Posts of Responsibility for Pupils

Ask yourself – What Can I Do?

Not – What Needs to Be Done?

At Langley we encourage children to seek opportunities to serve others. We value the self-esteem, confidence and sense of well-being that can be gained by taking on posts of responsibility that help school run effectively and contribute to the development and growth of others.

Here are the posts that are available for pupils this year. Click on the post title to see the advert.

Find the application form here or ask your class teacher for one.

Post Number Year Group
Family Leader 15 Y6 Y5
Office Assistant 10 Y4 Y5
Reading Buddy 12 Y4 to Y6
EYFS Play Assistant 20 Y3 Y4 Y5
Class Councillor 2 per class Y2 to 6
Sports Councillor 1 per class Y3 – Y6
Junior PCSOs 10 Y5 and Y6