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Pupil Premium 2019-2020


Pupil Premium for the next financial year 2019/20 is for 96 pupils who attract Pupil Premium funding and two pupils who receive the Looked After Children Pupil Premium.
The total funding allocation is £129,360.

Aims of Pupil Premium Programme

  • Continue to increase and improve reading levels and numeracy understanding especially in the early years
  • Quality First Teaching has an impact on socially disadvantaged children
  • Socially disadvantaged children make good progress and narrow the gap on their peers
  • Effective parental pupil support is facilitated
  • Increased aspiration, belief and confidence for vulnerable children
  • All learning and enrichment activities are ‘poverty proofed’
  • Reduced rates of exclusions for vulnerable children
  • Early intervention and support for socially disadvantaged children to remove barriers for learning

Spending Breakdown