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Langley’s 50th Anniversary Logo Competition

Wow! Thanks to everyone for getting their creative heads on and coming up with some fantastic ideas for our 50th anniversary logo. We had over 200 entries! Our year five family leaders, Mr Cashmore and our art leader Mrs Marshall spent a long time looking at the logos and picking some finalists.  It was so difficult to pick finalists and we could have chosen many, many more. However, we did our best and I’m sure you will agree some really hard work has gone into these. The winner will be announced after the half term holiday.

And here they are!

Sophie McTernan 1F

Veer Lad 2M

Sophia Kumar 3B

Leila Seifelnasr 4CS

Nayan Lad 3B

Mya Chohan 5S

Mia Cooper 1H

Mason-James Knight 1H

Maryam Khan 1H

Liam Moore 3B

Laurie Place 6F

Jessica Courtney-Morton 4CS

Isabella Davis 1H

Florence Bridgman 2H

Mohammed Zaidi 1H

Eve Wells 6B

Charley Plews 5S

Caitlin Harney and Madison Green 4H

Akshana Subaskaran 3K

Alvina Hussein Rainbows

Amal Mahmood 3B