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Langley Primary School Music Video

Langley Primary School are looking for performers to take part in a music video. We have adapted a song by Afrojack called 'Ten Feet Tall'.

We want everyone at Langley to value the part that friends, family, teachers and other school staff play in the growth and development of our children. We want children at Langley to feel 'Ten Feet Tall' because we know that confident children who believe in themselves and want to come to school are happy children.

We will be filming the video over the coming weeks and hopefully showing it to everyone around Easter time.

Children will need permission from their parents to appear on the video and of course the school accept that some parents may not want their child to be involved. We will contact parents to obtain this permission.

In the meantime if you want to be involved get rehearsing and we will be holding auditions for parts after half term.

Here are links to

the original song by Afrojack

the adapted lyrics 

the backing track