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Governor Responsibilities

Being a governor at Langley – What we do and how we do it!

The role of a governor

At Langley our governors are responsible for helping the school to achieve the best possible education for pupils by:

  • setting the values, vision and strategic aims of the school
  • monitoring and evaluating the work of the school; supporting and challenging the headteacher and senior staff
  • ensuring the school is accountable to the children, parents, the local community, the local authority and staff
  • working with the headteacher to set targets to raise standards

What do governors do?

Our governing body meets four or five times each term with the agendas being dictated by the school calendar and the cycle of planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Governors are encouraged to attend all meetings which cover the strategic governance of the school and the following specific aspects:

  • School improvement –  key school priorities and the School Improvement Plan (SIP); standards of teaching and learning, pupil attainment and SIP priorities.
  • Finance and assets, school budgets, and site management.
  • Human resources, staffing and pay policies.
  • Strategic response to local and national matters that have an impact on schools e.g. the Covid 19 pandemic
  • Teaching and learning, standards of teaching and learning, pupil attainment, and development of the curriculum to enhance children’s experience and how they are delivered.

Governors are encouraged and welcomed to join in the life of the school through link visits to the school. it could involve;

  • meeting with staff and visiting classrooms,
  • helping children within the classroom – for example listening to children read
  • accompanying classes on school educational visits
  • talking to or working with the children on special interests or expertise governors may have which support the curriculum.
  • attending school events such as special assemblies and ‘Thematic Curriculum Days’


Appeals Committee
Jon Cashmore
Sarah Chung
Jemma Dalton
Claire Hawkes Admin
Leanne Plews
Wazma Qais

Pay Committee
Claire Hawkes Admin
Michael Jones
Leanne Plews
Wazma Qais