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Baby Room

Our baby room has been designed to suit the needs of babies from 6 weeks onwards. There is space for movers, crawlers and walkers and is fully equipped to support babies in their first years.

There is a quiet room for sleep time with cots and fresh sheets and blankets provided for each baby.

There are carefully chosen resources and routines which are regular but flexible to meet the needs of the babies. The room is calm and comfortable with areas to snuggle, share stories and explore.

Members of our baby room team ensure that they work closely with parents to mirror routines from home as much as possible. We support mothers who choose to breast feed and are happy for you to bring in bottles from home.

All milk, nappies and wipes are included and a range of healthy balanced meals are provided for babies of all ages.

The Ratios for babies under two is 1:3.

Toddler Room

Our toddler room provides care for children from approximately 18 months to 3 years. It has been designed to include spaces to explore, play imaginatively, get messy and snuggle down for a story.

The room is colourful and bright with the children’s work on display. The routines are regular but flexible to meet the needs of our toddlers.

The toddler team are skilled in planning rich, enjoyable learning experiences for the children. The range of activities planned are based on the children’s needs and interests to enable them to be creative and learn new skills.

The team work closely with parents to support children’s ongoing development to ensure we are meeting their child’s needs.

The room is equipped to support children as they start to become more independent with facilities to encourage toddlers who are learning to potty train and feed themselves.

The ratios for toddlers under two is 1:3 and for over two is 1:4.

Pre-school Rooms (Caterpillars and Ladybirds)

Our pre-school room is designed for children aged 3 and 4. It has been planned and resourced to encourage children’s learning through discovery and enjoyment and inspire their creativity and independence.

There are areas for children to get messy, investigate and explore, share stories, play imaginatively and develop their problem solving skills. The children are provided with a range of toys, games and resources designed to encourage learning through play.

The pre-school team plan activities which encourage children to learn new skills, discover how things work, get creative and become independent active thinkers. The children are encouraged to join in the planning process too.

The children are encouraged to develop their independent skills and the regular yet flexible routines allow us to make the most of opportunities for learning and play.

Our aim is to ensure that when children leave First Choice for ‘big school’ they are equipped with the skills they need to be ‘school ready’.