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Spring Curriculum Overview- Year 6

Subject Spring 1Spring 2
ArtIn art lessons, we will be studying the word of Paul Cezanne, looking at watercolours. We will create our own watercolour picture based around a lighthouse and the sea. We will study the work of George Seurat and pointillism. We will explore colour mixing and shading before producing our final piece.
ComputingWe will be investigating how spreadsheets work and why they are useful. We will create different formulas to calculate and solve problems. This half term, our focus will be on ‘kodu’. We will investigate the software before designing our own virtual landscape.
Design and TechnologyLinking to our music for the half term, children will explore / research different musical instruments, design and then make their own. Our D&T focus this half term will be on cooking – linked to rationing (WW2). We will explore different ingredients and why some were rationed and other were not.
EnglishOur first writing focus will be a narrative where we include direct speech. We will then move onto instructions looking at how to stay safe on a desert island. The grammar focus will change depending on the writing we are doing. The writing will continue based around the class book started last half term, ‘Kensuki’s Kingdom’. Our new class book is, ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’, which our writing will be based around. We will start with a discussion text and formal language before moving onto an explanation text. Grammar focuses will link to formal writing and we will look at colons and semi colons.
GeographyWe will continue work on the journey taken by the main character in our class book. We will continue to consolidate our map work by locating different European countries on a map. We will explore which were under German control and which cities in England were heavily targeted.
Guided ReadingWe will be continuing with, ‘Kensuki’s Kingdom,’ working on our comprehension skills. We will have a new class book this half term called, ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’, which is based on WW2 (linked to our topic). We will look at making predictions from the text as well as simple retrieval and inference questions.
HistoryTowards the end of the half term, we will start to look into World War 2 (WW2). This term, we will be using secondary sources to learn about how Britain prepared for the war. We will also explore the link between WW1 and WW2 and The Blitz.
MathsThis term, we will continue work on fractions, decimals and percentages. Alongside this, we will continue to develop mental maths strategies. This half term we will finish work on percentages and link it with pie charts, before moving onto algebra, area, perimeter and volume. Other strands of maths will occur throughout the year.
Modern Foreign LanguagesWe will begin by trying to learn a Spanish poem to help develop our performance skills. The children will start to memorise and write longer sentences and learn more words (mainly cognates). In Spanish, we will begin to learn about different festivals and use new vocabulary to help us describe these.
MusicThis half term, we will look at a range of National Anthems and compare. This links to our WW2 topic. Alongside this, we will also use our music scheme, ‘Charanga’.
Physical EducationIndoor PE will focus on indoor athletics as a team of children will be chosen to take part in the local indoor athletics event.

During outdoor PE lessons, we will learn hockey skills including: how to hold the stick, positioning, dribbling, moving at speed etc.
Indoor tennis will be our focus for indoor PE lessons where we will recap skills taught in previous years with an initial focus on throwing and catching.

In outdoor PE, we will learn netball skills, including the passes, before working up for team matches. We will work on pivots and our defence before shooting.
Personal, Social, Health Education‘Dreams and Goals’ is our PSHE focus this half term which allows the children to not only recognise their own strengths and weaknesses, but also how they can work out the steps they need to do in order to achieve their goal/dream. This half term the topic is, ‘Healthy Me’ where the children will explore what it takes to be healthy – both physically and mentally. We will explore the impact different drugs have on the body and then we will spend a lesson looking into the recovery position.
Religious EducationWe will be learning more about Hinduism this half term and we will ask children who are Hindu, to share everything they know about their religion. We will look at commitment and the best ways that Hindus show commitment to God. Our topic this half term will be Christianity and we will be focusing on ‘Easter’. We will explore the question, ‘Is Christianity still a strong 2,000 years after Jesus was on Earth?
Science Our topic this half term will be electricity. We will recap teaching from year 4 before constructing circuits that are more complex. We will also use electricity to practise ‘Morse Code’ where the children will explore using different materials. Our topic this half term is ‘Evolution’. We will look at the life and work of Charles Darwin and adaptation. Additionally, we will look at fossils and the life of Mary Anning.