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Autumn Curriculum Overview- Year 6

Subject Autumn 1Autumn 2
ArtIn art lessons, we will be practising the skills taught in previous year groups before focusing on an artist in Autumn 2. We will study the work of Leonardo Da Vinci looking at skills needed to create a portrait, and the skills use to create a portrait. Out final piece will be a pencil portrait of Ernest Shackleton.
ComputingOnline safety will be the main focus of our computing lessons this half term. We will be recapping our SMART rules and ensuring the children know how to keep themselves safe online. We will be teaching the children to be responsible digital citizens. We will also be practising our times tables on Times Table Rockstars. This half term, our focus will be on ‘scratch’. The children will learn about algorithms and will animate a scene adding movement, audio and they will learn to change the background.
Design and TechnologyChildren will learn 4 basic sewing stitches and will create a min-cushion linked to ‘Day of the Dead’ which is part of our topic where we learn about Mexico. They will design their cushion first thinking about materials and colour choices.

We will also look at designing and making our own chocolate bar.
We will look at creating a model of the world and labelling on the key aspects that the children will be learning.
EnglishWe will begin our writing in year 6 with a diary entry based on our class reading book, ‘The Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’. Our grammar focus will be revision of previously taught areas as well as consolidation of the 8 word classes, active and passive voice and cohesion. Our writing will again be based our whole class reading book, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ where we will explore discussion texts, write a narrative and end on poetry. We will use Talk for Writing to support the children with their writing process. Our grammar will focus on areas identified as needing revision as well as formal language.
GeographyIn geography we will locate different countries and continents on a map and compare them. We will look at the structure of the countries and how humans have impacted on them. We will continue our map work linked to Mesoamerica and then plot the journey taken by the main character in our class book. We will end the term by introducing the children to Ernest Shackleton and compare the Artic and Antarctic.
Guided ReadingThrough our whole class reader, ‘The Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’, we will look at inference skills and comparisons between different characters. We will compare vocabulary used based on the setting of the story. This is a contemporary story set in modern times dealing with events which the children could come across themselves. This half term our whole class reader is, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ where we will have a focus on vocabulary choices and meanings of words in context. Children will have ‘magpie books’ which they will use throughout the year where they can note down new vocabulary and its meaning so that they can apply these into their own writing.
HistoryIn history, we will be exploring the Mayans. Children will have opportunities to compare the lifestyle to those of the Aztecs and ask questions. This half term we will continue our work on the Mayan civilisation and hopefully answer more of the questions the children wanted answers to the previous half term. We will also spend time looking at medicine in WW1 as this is our ‘Golden Thread’ for this term.
MathsPlace value will be the main focus for this half term. We will assess the children to see where there may be gaps and address these. We will also look at the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We will recap learning of the previous year before moving the children on. We will do this using a range of resources to support the children. We will develop our basic number facts and fluency. This half term our focus will be on ensuring the children are secure in the four operations before moving onto fractions. These lessons will consist of adding and subtracting, multiply and dividing fractions, as well as making comparisons between fractions decimals and percentages. We will continue to develop our basic number facts and fluency with a big focus on times tables and mental maths. We will also explore efficiency within maths.
Modern Foreign LanguagesIn Spanish lessons, we will revise previous learning before moving onto weather. We will use this to help us describe climates. We will also learn the names of some other countries and describe their flags. Our focus this half term will be on learning how to explain / describe where the children live. Children will start to formulate sentences and have brief conversations with each other.
MusicLinking to our languages lessons, the children will learn a song in Spanish called, ‘La Cucuracha’. We will look at the rhythm of the music and repetition throughout the song. Through our music scheme, ‘Charanga’, we will explore pieces of music and lead up to producing their own piece of music using their own bodies as instruments.
Physical EducationIn our outdoor PE lessons, we will be learning ‘The Mexican Hat Dance’. This linked to our topic for the half term. Dance skills will be explored and learnt.

Outdoor PE lessons will explore the skills needed for basketball. We will look at how to hold and throw the ball, and what movements we are allowed to make.
In our outdoor PE lessons, we will be learning gymnastics where we will explore a range of movements including jumps.

For our outdoor PE lessons, we will have a coach in who will teach football and fitness.
Personal, Social, Health EducationFollowing the ‘Jigsaw’ scheme unit of work, ‘Being me in my world’, the children will identify goals for the year, rights that they have and the impact their actions can have (both positive and negative). Following the ‘Jigsaw’ scheme unit of work, ‘Celebrating difference’, the children will gain an understanding of others views, abilities, bullying and how sometimes to treat people equally, they may need to be treated differently.
Religious EducationOur first RE lessons will be based around our topic and the Mayans (Mexican Faith). Following the Discovery scheme unit of work on Christianity, we will explore key questions where children will be given time to discuss their own views and options. We will look at different celebrations with a focus on Christmas.
Science Light will be our focus this half term. We will explore sources of light, shadows and reflectivity. We will then also look at the importance and structure of the eye, and why our eyes link to the topic of light. Classification will be the topic this half term where will be explore the classification system and biodiversity.