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Year 5

The Year Five Cornerstones topics are described below. Teachers will plan to use a selection of these topics, usually six – one each half term, from the programme. 


Let’s travel back 5000 years to ancient Egypt, cruising along the Nile and entering a world of mysteries, curses and mummies.

In this theme we are going to learn first-hand about the gruesome, yet fascinating, process of mummification. Our work will inspire us to write some exciting Egyptian mystery stories and non-fiction books and the internet will provide us with information to make fact files. We’ll draw Egyptian artefacts in detail, focusing on symbols and design features. Studying historical sources will help us learn more about the Pharaohs, the Egyptian gods and ancient religious beliefs. We’ll find out about the food that was eaten at the time, make some Egyptian bread and use recycled materials to build model tombs.

Off with Her Head!

What sort of man would order the beheading of his wife?
Pupils in Year 5 will travel back in time this half term to the 1500’s and meet the Tudors a domineering dynasty that changed British history. Year 5 pupils will discover an opulent court where dancing and singing went hand in hand with swift falls from favour – and even swifter fallings of heads!




Scream Machine

Roll up, roll up! Year 5 this half term are going to experience the unique sounds, sights and smells of the fair.
They will learn about the science behind roller coasters and write poems that are shaped as a loop the loop.
Testing, testing! Pupils will complete some mini investigations on cam mechanisms, pendulums and pulleys finding out about the forces at work at a theme park.
They will also design their own theme park and death defying new drop ride!
Don’t forget to scream if you want to go faster!


Year 5 pupils will journey through space this half term to learn about the science of space exploration and our solar system. Journey through space, the final frontier… Navigate beyond the sun, the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of our solar system! Investigate the eight planets and take a look at the Moon, a celestial body that orbits the Earth. Then it’s three, two, one…BLAST OFF! Build and launch a rocket for an important test mission.
Pupils will develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of curriculum areas as they investigate gravity and the Earth in space as well as the worlds of science fiction.
Exploring space is probably the greatest adventure that humankind has ever taken. Are we alone in the universe or are there other life forms out there?


Let’s grow!

A crunchy carrot, a luscious lettuce or a tasty tomato. As part of this Interactive Learning Project pupils will develop their geographical skills by learning about how land around the world is used to grow different types of crops. They will also learn more about different types of farming.
They may also have a go at growing their own crops for harvesting!
After all this hard work and learning maybe they will have ‘green fingers’?



Beast Creator

A bug, a creepy crawly, a beast! It’ll tickle your skin then go in for the sting! Arachnids, invertebrates, molluscs and myriapods, hiding in nooks and beneath darkened rocks….This half term Year 5 pupils will be learning about minibeasts and their habitats.They will complete lots of exciting learning finding out about the beasts in their garden as well as discovering where in the world you would find the deadliest beasts – scorpions, ants and venomous spiders… perhaps the Vespa mandaria japonica is the one that will be the most feared?


Time Traveller

Tick, tock, tick, tock…the hands on the clock never stop.

From the moment we are born, from toddler to teen, middle age to elderly, time stops for no man. Find out what happens to our bodies and brains as we grow older, and how do we cope with these changes. What would happen if the clock struck 13? In ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’, he travels to the past. What an adventure! Imagine you could time travel too: where would you go and


Alchemy Island

We’re going on a magical journey to find the gold hidden somewhere on Alchemy Island.

This half term, a mysterious visitor will arrive to present us with artefacts from the island. Reading stories set in fantasy worlds will inspire our story openings. We’ll manipulate digital photographs, adding fantastical special effects.

Our geography skills will improve as we look closely at maps of Alchemy Island, plotting routes and using coordinates. We’ll examine samples from the island, explore the properties of materials and experiment with changes of state. If we’re going to find gold, we’d better find out all about it!

In English we’ll write soliloquies and poems inspired by the island’s magical powers and dramatic landscape. The coding programme Scratch will help us to plot and correct errors in our route, and we’ll use technology to create beautiful digital images. We’ll compose raps and use sound effects and mood music to reflect the atmosphere on Alchemy Island.

Peasants, Princes & Pestilence

Mount your steed and gallop through the dark and deadly world of 14th century Britain, sword and shield at the ready, pledging your allegiance to king and country! Read and write historical accounts, poems and tales and discover the grotesque effects of the Plague on the human body.