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Summer Curriculum Overview- Year 4

Subject Summer 1Summer 2
ArtIn art lessons, we will experiment with different grades of pencil to achieve variations in tone texture and line. We will attempt to show effects of light in a drawing using shade and shadow. Following this, we will develop intricate patterns and use sketch books to record our ideas.
ComputingOur computing topic will be animation. The children will learn to describe early forms of animation and create a short computer animation using moving stick figures. They will also learn to structure specific timing of animations using a time slider. We will complete our animation unit this half term and then use times table rockstars to practice our recall of our times tables up to 12.
Design and TechnologyLinked with our science topic, the children will be designing and building their own digestive systems. They will learn to join and combine materials accurately and use glue guns with adult support.
EnglishIn English, we will be learning about persuasive writing. This will be linked to our history unit of work on the claimants to the throne in 1066. The children will take part in hot-seating activities and learn to share their opinions through debates. Our grammar focus will be on using pronouns and nouns appropriately and using standard English for verb inflections instead of local spoken forms. In the final weeks of this half term, we will be learning a poem called ‘I Wish’. For our final half term, we will be learning about fantasy stories. Through our model text ‘Reilly’, the children will learn the key features of a fantasy story and have the opportunity to innovate and invent. In grammar lessons, we will revise the grammar we have learnt over the past year. We will then finish our year with poetry linked to our Harry Potter theme.
GeographyThrough our learning about 1066, we will be answering questions such as ‘How did the Normans invade?’ and locating cities on a map.
Guided ReadingOur whole class reader for this half term will be ‘I Was There: 1066’. Through this novel, the children will gain an insight into the events that led up to the Battle of Hastings whilst also developing their reading skills. We will focus on vocabulary in context, inference, summary and prediction. For our final class reader, we will be studying ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. Using both the text and the film, we will cover a range of reading skills whilst ultimately encouraging the children to read for pleasure.
HistoryIn history, we will be learning about life in England in 1066 following the death of Edward the Confessor. We will also research the claimants to the throne and form our own opinions. Our focus will then turn to the battle, where we will order key events and discuss the significance of the Bayeux Tapestry. This half term, we will be looking at the history of medicine and how it has changed over time. We will make links with our Jigsaw topic ‘Healthy Me’ and learn about the difference between.
MathsThis half term we will be finishing our unit on decimals. The children learn to write, compare, order and round decimals to the nearest whole number. We will then start a unit of work on money where the children will learn to convert between pounds and pence and order amounts. Our final focus for this half term will be time where we will be learning to tell the time to the nearest minute and look at the relationship between analogue and digital. We will begin this half term learning about statistics. The children will learn to interpret and compare data and draw their own graphs. Through our final unit on geometry, the children will learn to compare and order angles and identify different triangles and quadrilaterals.
Modern Foreign LanguagesIn Spanish we will learn the vocabulary needed to talk about members of our families. We will also learn the Spanish alphabet and use this to spell names. By the end of this half term the children will be able to ask and answer the questions ‘Do you have…?’, ‘What is s/he called?’ and “How do you spell that?’ This half term we will teach the children to use language for describing hair and eyes. We will also listen and follow the story of the Giant Turnip. The children will then have the opportunity to retell the story with actions.
MusicIn guitar lessons, the children use walking fingers to play notes with increasing fluency. They will learn about the composer Pachelbel and understand how music composed a long time ago can still be heard today. They will also use musical vocabulary to describe musical features and identify instruments in musical repertoire. In guitar lessons, the children will play eight pieces from a wide variety of musical genres. They will sing with an increasing awareness of pitch and rhythm and have extended their chord knowledge.
Physical EducationIn our outdoor PE lessons, we will be doing athletics.

In our indoor PE lessons, we will be learning dance.
For our final half term, the children will be learning two striking and fielding games, cricket and rounders. Cricket will be taught by an external coach and the children will take part in the ‘Chance to Shine’ festival.
Personal, Social, Health EducationFollowing our Jigsaw unit of work on ‘Relationships’, the children will learn about making friends and how to deal with friendship problems when they occur. They will also learn about love and loss and be able to understand and talk about how this can make people feel. In our Jigsaw lessons this half term we will be covering the unit ‘Changing Me’. In this unit, the children will learn about the internal and external parts of male and female bodied necessary for making a baby. They will also learn about how girls’ bodies change when they are older in order for them to have babies, and that menstruation is a natural part of this.
Religious EducationThrough our Discovery RE unit, we will be answering the question:

‘What is the best way for a Buddhist to lead a good life?’
Through our Discovery RE unit, we will be answering the question:

‘Do people need to go to church to show they are good Christians?’
Science This half term we will complete our unit of work on classification with a particular focus on animals and plants in the locality. We will then move on to study digestion. Starting with the mouth, we discuss the importance of looking after your teeth and then explore the digestive system in detail. In science, we will continue with our digestion topic. The children will take part in an experiment looking at how the digestive system works and will then build their own. We will finish our unit of work by learning about food chains and the relationship between predator and prey.