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Spring Curriculum Overview- Year 4

Subject Spring 1Spring 2
ArtIn art, we will be studying the work of the famous artist, Paul Cezanne. We will be analysing his paintings, using sketch books to record our ideas and develop the use of colour to express mood and emotion. As a final piece, the children will be using water colour to produce their own paintings in the style of Paul Cezanne. They will then evaluate their work.
ComputingThis half term we will be using scratch to create our own quizzes. We will also be doing a research project on mountains and use computing skills to communicate information about the past. In our computing lessons we will focus on programming using the Logo – Turtle. The children will learn to create and debug an algorithm to create a procedure, change the colour and produce text.
Design and Technology
EnglishWe will begin this term by looking at newspaper reports. The children will learn about the key features and use their new knowledge to write a report on the youngest person to climb Mount Everest! We will then study a fiction unit on adventure stories where the children will be learning a variety of these stories and eventually writing their own. Our grammar focus will be on using full punctuation for direct speech, fronted adverbials and the possessive apostrophe. This half term will study a non-fiction unit on explanation texts using the model text ‘How a Jellyfish Stings’. Our focus will be on using technical language and long sentences to enhance description or information. We will then move on to poetry and study the classic poems ‘The Lion and Albert’, ‘The Eagle’ and ‘The Crocodile’. The children will learn these poems by heart and perform them using appropriate innovation and volume.
GeographyIn geography lessons we will learn to locate mountain ranges in the UK and Europe using maps and atlases. We will be describing and understanding mountains and their features. We will switch our focus to rivers and coasts this half term. We will use our skills to locate them in the UK and Europe using maps and atlases. We will then describe and understand the features of a river and ask and answer questions about human and physical features. We will finish our geography unit by explaining our own views about a location.
Guided ReadingThis term, our whole class reader is ‘When the Mountains Roared’. The children will continue to develop their retrieval and inference skills and start thinking about why the author has used language and the effect it has on the reader. They will also make predictions based on what they have read and share their opinions. We will continue studying ‘When the Mountains Roared’ with a focus on learning new vocabulary, summarising what we have read and answering a range of comprehension questions.
HistoryThrough our English work on newspaper reports, we will be learning about significant events that have happened in the past.
MathsFor most of this half term, we will be continuing our unit on multiplication and division. The children will learn different methods for multiplying 2 and 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number and dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. We will end this half term by learning how to calculate and compare the area of squares and rectangles. This half term, we will focus on learning all about fractions and decimals. The children will explore what fractions are, count in fractions, find equivalent fractions, add and subtract fractions and finally calculate fractions of amounts. Once confident with fractions, we will begin to apply what we have learnt to decimals starting with tenths and hundredths
Modern Foreign LanguagesIn Spanish, the children will learn new vocabulary relating to shape and position. They will create their own shape pictures in the style of Kandinsky and use their new vocabulary and prior knowledge of colours to describe their pictures. Learning vocabulary to describe faces and parts of the body will be our main focus this half term. We will learn songs and rhymes to help us and play games such as ‘Guess Who’.
MusicIn guitar lessons, we will continue to play and perform simple melodic and rhythmic patterns from memory. The children will also learn to read simple melodic patterns on open strings (B and E) notes using the treble clef stave. The children will begin this half term by learning about the difference between a chord and a single note. They will explore how tempo can change the feeling of a piece and learn to sing with a good sense of pitch.
Physical EducationOur indoor PE for this half term will be tennis.

Our outdoor PE for this half term will be football skills and fitness with an external coach.
Our indoor PE for this half term will be yoga.

Our outdoor PE for this half term will be outdoor adventure activities.
Personal, Social, Health EducationThrough our Jigsaw scheme, we will be exploring our dreams and goals for the future. We will also be looking at how to deal with broken dreams and overcome disappointment. Our Jigsaw unit of work for this half term is ‘Healthy Me’. We will be learning about making healthy choices in regards to friendships and eating. We will also be looking at the effects smoking and alcohol have on our bodies.
Religious EducationIn our Discovery RE unit on Judaism, we will be answering the question ‘How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do?’ In our Discovery RE unit on Christianity, we will be answering the question ‘Is forgiveness always possible for Christians?’
Science Our science topic for this half term will be states of matter. Through this topic, the children will be learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. They will conduct experiments looking at the speed of evaporation and finish off by learning about the water cycle. Classification will be our unit of work this half term. We will learn about the life of Carl Linaeus and how to use and make keys to classify vertebrates and invertebrates.