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Autumn Curriculum Overview- Year 4

Subject Autumn 1Autumn 2
ArtIn art lessons, we will be learning about the great artist Antonio Gaudi. We will then be planning and designing our own mosaic tile. We will apply what we have learned about mosaics when creating our Christmas cards.
ComputingOnline safety will be the main focus of our computing lessons this half term. We will be recapping our SMART rules and ensuring the children know how to keep themselves safe online. We will be teaching the children to be responsible digital citizens. We will also be practising our times tables on Times Table Rockstars. This half term, our focus will be on word processing. We will learn how to format images for a purpose, use formatting tools to create an effective layout and use the spell check tool. We will also learn how to insert and format a table and create hyperlinks within a document.
Design and TechnologyThrough our science topic, we will be planning, making and evaluating our own musical instruments. We will prepare and cook bread using a range of cooking techniques.
EnglishWe will begin our writing journey by writing a recount of our visit to Lunt Fort. We will then turn our focus to descriptive writing and diary entries where we will be learning to express emotion. In grammar lessons, we will be consolidating our Y3 learning. We will be focusing on writing in the first person, using the past tense and present perfect tense and using fronted adverbials. We will continue to explore and write our own diary entries and through the Talk for Writing process we will learn ‘The Mystery of the Hare and the Moon’. Once we have learnt our model text, the we will innovate and then write our own versions. Our grammar focus will be on writing complex sentences.
GeographyIn geography we will plot the Roman invasion on a map and see how it changed over time. We will continue our map work by locating Roman cities.
Guided ReadingThrough our whole class reader, ‘Romans on the Rampage’, we will expand our vocabulary and develop our retrieval and inference skills.We will continue our studies on ‘Roman on the Rampage’ focusing on learning to summarise and make logical predictions. We will also consolidate our retrieval skills by applying them to questions about a non-fiction text about the Romans.
HistoryIn history, we will be answering questions such as ‘Who are the Romans?’, ‘What was life like in Rome?’ and ‘Why did the Romans want to invade Britain?’. We will be learning about the battles and comparing the Romans and the Celts. Our history work this term, will feed directly into our writing. This half term we will be making comparisons between Rome and Britain. We will also be exploring the impact the Roman Empire had on Britain.
MathsPlace value will be our main focus for this half term. We will be learning to compare and order numbers to 10,000, round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000 and begin to learn Roman Numerals. We will also become confident in counting in multiples of 25 and introduce negative numbers. At the end of this half term, we will start addition and subtraction focusing on adding two 4-digt numbers. This half term, we will be learning efficient methods of subtraction and how to estimate and check our answers.

We will then learn to measure length and perimeter. Our final unit for this half term will be multiplication and division where we will be learning to multiply by 1 and 0 the focusing on our 6, 7 and 9 times tables.
Modern Foreign LanguagesIn Spanish lessons, we will revise greetings and learn the numbers to 30. We will learn the days of the week and months of the year which we will use when answering basic questions about seasons and birthdays. Our focus this half term will be on developing our vocabulary in order to understand the main points of a spoken passage. We will then look towards Christmas and learn key vocabulary, create cards and learn about traditions around this time of the year in Spain.
MusicThrough guitar lessons, the children will learn to clap, play and internalise simple rhythm patterns that focus on embedding pulse and rhythm. They will learn some simple songs with a focus on the musical shape of the melody, accuracy of pitch and clear diction and explore how different rhythmic patterns can be created. Through guitar lessons, the children will learn 2 songs from memory with awareness of ensemble, style and character, controlling the pitch, dynamics and expression within the vocal range of an octave. They will listen to selected repertoire and discuss how time and place has influenced the way the music is created, performed and heard.
Physical EducationIn our outdoor PE lessons, we will be learning tag rugby

In our indoor PE lessons, we will be learning gymnastics.
In our outdoor PE lessons, we will be learning netball.

In our indoor PE lessons, we will be learning dance with an external coach.
Personal, Social, Health EducationFollowing the Jigsaw scheme unit of work ‘Being me in my World’ pupils will learn about our rights and responsibilities, rewards and consequences and introduce the term democracy. Following the Jigsaw scheme unit of work ‘Celebrating Differences’ the children will learn to understand influences around them and bullying. They will learn to problem-solve and celebrate their uniqueness.
Religious EducationFollowing the Discovery scheme unit of work on Buddhism, we will be answering the question ‘Is it possible for everyone to be happy?’ Following the Discovery scheme unit of work on Christianity, we will be answering the question ‘What is the most significant part of the Nativity story for Christians today?’
Science Sound will be our focus this half term. We will learn about how we hear, how sounds get louder and quieter, how we can change the pitch and finally create our own musical instruments. We will begin our electricity topic by looking at electrical appliances and electrical supplies. We will then explore and create simple circuits and conduct an experiment looking at the brightness of a bulb.