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Spring Curriculum Overview- Year 3

Subject Spring 1Spring 2
ArtIn line with our topic of Ancient Egyptians, we will be creating a range of traditional Egyptian artefacts out of clay and card. We will also be learning sketch techniques and apply this by drawing an Egyptian pyramid. As part of our English, we will be designing and creating shadow puppets to tell our own version of our class reader, ‘Tomb Raiders’.
ComputingWe will be using a programme called ‘Photo story’. Over the next few weeks, the children will create a presentation using a range of photos that they have taken and found on the internet. Each week they will learn a new skill to apply to their presentation. Linking to our science topic of light we will be completing physical computing. During these lessons we will be creating lighthouses in groups, with a functioning light mechanism using algorithms.
Design and TechnologyWe will be looking at mechanisms to create our own Ancient Egyptian shaduf using a range of materials and equipment. Our D&T for this half term will be taught through our Easter cards. The children will be using a pivot design to create their cards.
EnglishFiction: The pupils will be completing their own adventure story based on the text, ‘Tomb Raiders’. The children will be recapping the conjunctions taught in year 2 and learning a range of new coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Non-fiction: Also, they will be writing a set of instructions to accompany their shadufs. They will be focusing on imperative verbs and time conjunctions as part of their GAPS lessons.
Non-fiction: For this half term, our English and topic lessons will be based around our own shadow puppet show that we will be performing in groups to the rest of the class at the end of the term. As part of their GAPS lessons, they will be learning propositions and how to incorporate direct speech in to their writing.
GeographyThis term, the children will be using an atlas to find Egypt and the continent of Africa. In addition, they will be looking at the significant physical features in Egypt and creating their own maps. The main skill that the children will be looking at for this half term is to compare. Pupils will be looking at the similarities and differences between England and Egypt.
Guided ReadingFor our guided reading this half term, we will continue to look at the fundamental comprehension skills based on a range of non-fiction science and topic related texts and the fiction book ‘Tomb Raiders’. The same model is used this half term however we will also be using pictures to generate conversation and ideas.
HistoryThrough this terms theme of learning, we will be learning all about life for Ancient Egyptians. A few of the topics that we will cover include: their jobs, social caste system, farming and the pyramids. Pupils will continue this theme of learning for Spring 2. We will be covering the topics of Egyptian homes, daily life, religious aspects and mummification.
MathsDivision: The children will continue their learning around division, concentrating on the grid method and the short formal method (or the bus stop method).

Money: By the end of this unit, the children will be able to recognise the value of a range of coins and answer a variety of fluency and reasoning questions in relation to this.

Statistics: In this unit we will be focusing on reading, creating and interpreting pictograms, bar charts and tables.
Measurement-length and perimeter: By the end of this unit, pupils will have looked at equivalent lengths, comparing, adding and subtracting lengths. They will also be able to calculate perimeter.

Fractions: After recapping last year’s learning, the children will concentrate on a range of new areas including: unit and non-unit fractions, tenths and finding fractions of a variety of objects and shapes.
Modern Foreign LanguagesBy the end of Spanish this half term, the children should be able to recall and pronounce a range of classroom instructions, animals, colours and a song in Spanish. In Spring 2, we will continue our learning of a Spanish song and be able to recognise familiar vocabulary within them.
MusicUsing Charanga the music school to support our learning, the pupils will be exploring the works of Bob Marley. In particular, ‘Three Little Birds’. They will also focus on being able to find the rhythm of a song. Pupils will learn songs that relate to the Easter play that we will perform at the end of this half term to an audience.
Physical EducationFor indoor PE this half term, the children will be learning yoga and focussing on a series of yoga poses and skills each week.

For outdoor PE, the children will continue with their swimming.
Indoor PE this half term is dance. Consequently, the children will learn an abundance of skills including cannon, unison and working collaboratively in groups.

For outdoor PE, the children will continue with their swimming.
Personal, Social, Health EducationThe theme for Spring 1 is ‘Dreams and Goals’. As part of this, the children will discuss people who inspire them and their aspirations for their future. ‘Healthy Me’ is the theme that will be discussed during PSHE this half term. We will discuss the importance of making healthy and positive choices and the consequences of unhealthy choices as we grow older.
Religious EducationFor R.E this half term, the children will be learning all about Judaism. In particular, the story of Moses and they will learn how he sacrificed himself for the sake of others. During R.E this half term, pupils will be discussing the Easter story and the theme of forgiveness. By the end of the unit, the children should be able to recall the key events in the Easter story and discuss the key question ‘What is good about good Friday?’.
Science Using the Engaging Science unit of work, ‘Forces and Magnets’ we will be exploring the concept of friction and understanding how and why magnets work. As part of Engaging Science, we will be exploring light, how we are able to see and shadows.