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Key Stage 2

Key Stage Two


In Key Stage Two we focus on continuing to develop the independence of our learners. Skilful questioning is employed to encourage the children to think deeply and use the knowledge they have acquired in new situations.

Investigative and problem solving skills are important in children’s preparation for future learning and success and these are taught and applied continuously. The children are taught to apply concepts in new situations; to practise, apply and consolidate new skills; to plan and produce work for a variety of audiences and applications; to meet the challenge of completing tasks; to use modern technology as an aid to learning and to work both individually and as a member of a collaborative learning group.

Support is provided to maximise all pupils’ development with learning experiences provided for children to match their particular stage in the learning journey.  Teaching is creative and flexible so that each child has the opportunity to unlock their learning and achieve excellence.

The National Curriculum requires Mathematics, English, Science, Technology, Computing, History, Geography, Art, Music and Physical Education to be the principle areas of study in the Primary School. Religious Education also forms part of the basic curriculum and is taught in accordance with Solihull’s Agreed Syllabus.