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Summer Curriculum Overview- Year 1

Subject Summer 1Summer 2

ArtWe will begin our Summer term by using our existing knowledge of shape to draw London Landmarks using 2D geometric shapes in our new topic ‘Bright Lights, Big City’. We will also continue to develop our skill of collage to similarly recreate the London skyline in the style of artist John Piper. We will continue to explore printing using different surfaces to transfer patterns. Inspired by the artwork of Beatriz Milhazes, we will recreate circular patterns, progressing by adding detail and embellishment. To celebrate in true carnival style we will mix paint to create the desired colours for a carnival mask in our topic of ‘Rio de Vida’.
ComputingElements found within ‘Microsoft Word’ are our focus for this half term as we explore paint features and how to ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ We will be taking on the role of computer programmers using our ‘Scratch’ programme to programme simple characters by learning how to make them move, grow and shrink.

Design and TechnologyWe will be building London Landmarks using 3D shapes, bricks and construction equipment, noting key features of iconic landmarks. Inspired by our key text this half term, ‘The Queen’s Hat’ we will research different hats and their uses and design and label a new hat fit for a queen. We will be making a ‘Rainforest animal friend’ in order to explore manipulation of material through learning joining and folding techniques and cut out the shape for our carnival masks made from recycled materials.
EnglishWe will be learning facts about London landmarks and using these to write an information text all about London. Our focus will then move back to fiction, where we will write our own version of the story ‘The Queen’s Hat’. For the last half term we will be revisiting poetry. This time exploring musicality, rhythm and rhyme as we read poems by the poet Eloise Greenfield. Through Talk for Writing we will be writing our own version of the myth ‘How The Tortoise Got His Shell’.
GeographyThis term we will be focusing upon using positional language as we explore compass points on the map and consolidate our understanding of the purpose of these points by programming ‘Beebots’ to follow directions. This will build upon our pre-existing knowledge of programming, learnt through our Computing curriculum. We will be exploring habitats, in particular- the Rainforest where we will research and debate conservation issues and identify geographical similarities and differences through studying the physical geography and climate of the Amazon rainforest compared to a forest in the UK. We will also focus on a case study of a child’s life, growing up in Rio De Janeiro compared to our lives in the UK.

Guided ReadingOur phonics teaching will be focusing on Phase 5 of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ schemes. Through guided reading sessions we will be continuing to develop the key skills of inference, retrieval, sequencing, prediction and understanding use of vocabulary. We will continue to teach our phonics and practise our comprehension skills. We will share a variety of poems and myths to support our English teaching for this half term.

HistoryWe delve back into the past to explore the events that contributed to ‘The Great Fire of London

MathsIn Maths we will begin to explore multiplication and division by grouping and sharing objects and revisit multiples of 2, 5 and 10. We will then move on to fractions where we will be finding a half and a quarter of different shapes and objects. We will begin the half term by learning about position and direction. We will then move on to place value to 100. To finish the half term we will investigating money, recognising coins and notes and counting coins. Our final mathematical topic will be time, where we focus on O’clock and half past.

MusicThrough our ‘Charanga’ music scheme we will continue to implement key skills learnt so far by listening to music and playing instruments within instrumental breaks in songs as we compose short instrumental pieces. We will reflect upon music we have studied across the year as well as continue to develop composition and performance skills as we celebrate by practicing for a small performance of some of our favourite tunes we have sung so far.
Physical EducationWith a focus on Athletics this half term, we will work on how to use different parts of our body to help us run faster and jump further. We will build upon our throwing skills by aiming for a target. Swimming will continue this term. We have the expertise of a football coach this half term as we consolidate key skills in coordination, movement, control and agility as well as improving basic fitness levels.
Personal, Social, Health EducationFollowing the Jigsaw scheme unit of work ‘Relationships’ we will look at different relationships and how they are formed e.g. the relationship we have with our families compared to our friendships. Following the Jigsaw scheme unit of work ‘Changing Me’ we will be looking at the life cycles of animals and humans, identify differences in ourselves as we have grown older and identify parts of the body that makes boys and girls different by using their correct, scientific names.
Religious EducationFollowing the Discovery scheme unit of work on Judaism we will be answering the question ‘Is Shabbat important to Jewish children?’ Following the Discovery scheme unit of work on Judaism we will be answering the question ‘ Are Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur important to Jewish children?’
Science Our Scientific enquiries this half term will focus upon plants- their basic structure, how they grow and thrive and we will also be planting our own seeds to observe what we have learnt in action. This half term we will be looking at the animal kingdom where we begin to understand the concept of food chains and comparing animals to humans.