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Autumn Curriculum Overview- Year 1

Subject Autumn 1Autumn 2

ArtIn Art this half term, we will begin to get to know each other and the diversity of our classroom by exploring tone and colour and features of the face, resulting in painting a self-portrait. Moving on to our ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’ topic, we will focus upon the art work of Rousseau, in particular ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’ where we will notice texture in materials and how we can use different materials for effect. We will then develop our drawing skills through mark making when observing patterns in animals fur.We will continue to develop our drawing skills through observational drawings of the season, noticing colours and textures of the natural world in Autumn.

We will also be experimenting with using different media on surfaces, creating some chalky bonfire night scenes.
ComputingIt is important to start off the year by familiarising the children with online safety and we will be revising our ‘SMART’ rules in how we can be safe when using computers. Children will develop key computing skills of programming and debugging in simple algorithms, which they will construct themselves as a key aspect of the problem solving and debugging process.

Design and TechnologyIn D&T we will be selecting a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks such as making a frame for our pictures we will be creating in art. We will use a range of cutting and shaping techniques when creating art work in the style of Rousseau. Linked to our Traditional Tales topic this half term, we will be making Gingerbread men by following simple instructions and baking methods.
EnglishWe will begin our writing journey by exploring the story of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. Through role play, sequencing and rehearsal (using the Talk for Writing process) we will retell this familiar tale through forming simple sentences that can be read by ourselves and others. We will turn our attention to non-fiction next by researching and creating fact files all about Big Cats. As the half term draws to a close we will be learning and performing the classic poem by A.A Milne- ‘Wind On The Hill’. Through Talk for Writing we will be sharing and retelling the Traditional Tale of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. This will be followed by turning our attention to instruction writing when making our Gingerbread Man biscuits. Later in the half term, linked to our RE theme we will understand the meaning of Christmas and retell the ‘Nativity story’.
GeographyWe will begin by developing an understanding of what an Atlas is and how it is used when we identify and locate countries of the United Kingdom and their location on a global scale, amongst the seven continents. We will look at the seasonal characteristics of Autumn on a nature walk, tracking the changes that happen to a particular tree across the four seasons.
Guided ReadingWith a heavy emphasis on building decoding skills and fluency of reading as children progress through their learning of phase 3-5 phonics this year, children will participate in 1:1 and small group reading of texts from our ‘Big Cats phonics’ scheme of books. As well as this, we will be igniting our love of reading through sharing a range of stories and poetry as well as focusing on key texts linked to our writing journey, daily. Here we will be developing key skills of inference, retrieval, sequencing, prediction and understanding use of vocabulary. We will continue to teach our phonics programme through our ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme to develop decoding and fluency. We will share Traditional Tales as part of our ‘English’ journey this half term, specifically looking at ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and variations of this famous tale.

HistoryWe will begin our journey into the past by exploring our recent past, acknowledging the transition from Reception into Year 1. We will put this in context by developing an understanding of the terms ‘present’ and ‘future’. In our ‘Golden Thread’ focus this half term, we will further be developing our understanding of the ‘past’ and looking at how animals supported us during the wars in comparison to how animals support us now.

MathsOur mathematical journey begins by building our sense of number through understanding place value and addition and subtraction within 10. Interweaving and developing skills or fluency, problem solving and reasoning as we go! As we move on, we will be identifying shapes and their properties before we then move onto further developing our number sense with looking at place value within 20.

MusicThrough our ‘Charanga’ music scheme we will begin our year by understanding how pulse, rhythm and pitch work together by listening to and performing a variety of songs and understanding how songs are put together in a particular way. We will continue with the same focus by comparing styles of music, understanding how some features are different and some are the same.

We will also be participating in our annual KS1 Christmas play where children will be performing some Christmas delights- old and new!
Physical EducationWe will be practicing foundation skills in PE by exploring balance, position and change in direction as well as developing key coordination skills when throwing and catching. Children will also participate in swimming. Developing our throwing and catching skills further, our focus for the half term will be tennis skills. Here we will be able to draw upon the expertise of an external tennis coach.
Personal, Social, Health EducationFollowing the Jigsaw scheme unit of work ‘Being me in my World’ pupils will learn about rights and responsibilities, feeling safe, recognising choices and understanding consequences. Following the Jigsaw scheme unit of work ‘Celebrating Differences’ the children will learn to understand similarities and differences between people in their class and celebrating those differences. They will also learn to understand what bullying is and what to do if they feel they are being bullied.
Religious EducationFollowing the Discovery scheme unit of work on Christianity we will be answering the question ‘Does God want Christians to look after the world?’ Continuing with the Discovery scheme unit of work on Christianity we will be answering the question ‘ What gifts might Christians in my town have given Jesus if He had been born here rather than in Bethlehem?’
Science We begin the year by exploring materials and their properties. Working scientifically, we will develop key skills by identifying and classifying materials and experimenting with different materials, observing how their properties make them fit for purpose in different contexts.

We will end the term with an Autumn walk linked to our learning in Geography.
We will continue to observe the change of the season, specifically noticing weather patterns and changes in weather- collecting data for rainfall and even presenting our own weather forecast!