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Key Stage 1

Key Stage One 

In Key Stage One we strive to build upon the firm base provided by our foundation key stage. We aim to foster the children’s enthusiasm and love of learning as the children continue to grow and flourish in years one and two. We strive to strike a careful balance between scaffolding their learning and encouraging their independence.

To fire their imaginations and engage their natural curiosity we use a range of exciting topics and stimulating learning experiences to absorb children and promote a desire for achievement through both independent and co-operative learning tasks. We aim to create an inspiring learning environment with resources and stimuli that are relevant and accessible for children while they learn and grow.

The National Curriculum requires Mathematics, English, Science, Technology, Computing, History, Geography, Art, Music and Physical Education to be the principle areas of study. Religious Education also forms part of the basic curriculum and is taught in accordance with Solihull’s Agreed Syllabus.

Throughout Key Stage One, phonics is taught in structured sessions every day. The scheme we follow is Letters and Sounds; Principles and practise of High Quality Phonics.

In Year 1 we focus on ‘alternative spellings’. Pupils begin to learn that there are many ways of spelling the /A/ sound for example, ai, ay, eigh, ei, ae, a_e (this is a split diagraph) it goes on…  and pupils will be tested on this knowledge using the new government Phonic Screening Check in June!

In Year 2 we focus on prefixes, suffixes and past, present and future tense. This understanding continues into the juniors looking at specific spelling rules and the use of silent letters.

We expect all children to reach phase 5 in their phonics development by the end of year 1. This is now assessed by a national phonics check and any children who do not reach the expected outcomes will be further supported in year 2.

Our primary reading scheme for embedding phonics is Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds.

However, we use Oxford Reading Tree, Project X and Dandelion Readers to supplement this scheme when needed.

Alongside this, the children will be encouraged to develop a love of reading through a wide range of activities, buddy reading with older children and their classroom reading areas.