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Curriculum Aims

Our Curriculum Aims – A Curriculum for Happiness, Growth and Excellence 

When our young people leave Langley Primary School, we aim for them to:

  • Have a broad and balanced experience of learning and of the wider world
  • have a secure grasp of the important knowledge covered by the national curriculum and apply it confidently so they are prepared for the next stage of their lives and education
  • be confident communicators and open-minded listeners
  • have a strong set of values, a belief in truth and goodness and an informed perspective on the world
  • possess an understanding of their own and others’ places in the world, their cultural, historical and social origins and a respect and acceptance of diversity
  • be competently literate and have a love of literature
  • have an understanding of themselves, their likes, their attributes and talents, what makes them happy and how they can stay healthy.
  • be ambitious for themselves and others, resilient in the face of challenges and positive about their future.
  • be creative and expressive with an appreciation of beauty, innovation and the natural world
  • be developing as caring, responsible contributors to their families, community and society.

Curriculum Aims for Children

  1. Read and Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty.
  2. Know your world and understand yourself
  3. Create and appreciate beauty
  4. Believe in yourself and respect others

Happiness – A Curriculum for Harmony teaching compassion, tolerance and healthy relationships

Harmony is threaded throughout the work of the school and its curriculum. We are a diverse school in a diverse society so as children develop, the ability to accept and celebrate difference is encouraged and an empathy with those in need is fostered.  The ability to build and maintain a range of effective relationships is an important part of children’s successful development.

  • Children learn about a range of religions and cultures and through our school’s vision and values children are taught to respect them
  • The children learn about the lives of inspirational people including those who have fought against intolerance and inhumanity
  • In geography and history they learn about issues that have caused conflict and ways conflict has been resolved
  • The common human characteristics that bring us together and the values and similarities that we share as a community are celebrated

A Curriculum for Health and Well-being, instilling the knowledge and habits to keep our bodies and minds healthy

We want our children to know that the choices they make can have a significant impact on their happiness and health and that they have considerable control over their own well-being. We promote habits and interests that support good physical and mental health. There is an emphasis on physical activity through the curriculum and through regular opportunities to be active during the school day.

  • Children are taught about the natural world, learning about its diverse habitats and ecology, and through the outdoor environment they learn the benefits and pleasures of interacting with it.
  • Children are taught about physical health, sport and exercise and how the body works.
  • A knowledge of self and an ability to reflect and be self-aware is fostered and children are taught ways to maintain good mental health.
  • Reading is especially valued and its benefits and pleasures are supported and encouraged


A Curriculum for Life, that provides real-world, relevant experiences that build skills, knowledge and attitudes for life

Children in our school learn best when they are given the opportunity to be involved in activities that are meaningful to them and that allow them to apply and use what they know. Their knowledge is strengthened by engaging them in challenging learning activities where their actions and decisions may have real-life consequences.

  • There is an emphasis on learning actively as a participant through dialogue with regular opportunities for pupils to talk with their peers and adults about their learning.
  • Our curriculum develops children’s life-skills such as teamwork, resilience and problem solving
  • Children learn about communicating effectively and the power of language
  • They are taught about great innovators and about technology and its place in human development
  • We foster a knowledge of current affairs and issues on a local and global scale


A Curriculum for Personal development, designed to cultivate secure knowledge and character

We consider knowledge and understanding as an entitlement for our children they are the keys to better life chances. We value knowledge and learning and our curriculum is designed to build solid foundations with regular opportunities to consolidate and reinforce learning. Our programme is broad and balanced to include development of the whole child through integrated PSHE and a focus on the social, moral cultural and spiritual aspects of the curriculum.

  • Our curriculum is designed with learning theory in mind so that knowledge and understanding builds on what has gone before
  • We aim to help children challenge negative and limiting attitudes about themselves
  • We foster spiritual learning and teach about the social and moral aspects of history and of human development


A Curriculum for Wonder, inspiring curiosity, passion and a love of learning

Our curriculum is designed to motivate children to achieve highly by presenting content in a way that inspires them, with adults as role models with an enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude to challenge. This is furthered through the use of high-quality resources, well planned stimulating activities and excellent subject knowledge on the part of practitioners.

  • We aim to fill gaps in their experiences and add cultural capital to their development
  • The children learn creativity and self-expression, learning about great art and literature
  • Children learn about space and the universe and they consider the ‘big questions’
  • We foster an appreciation of science as a force for good and the beauty of maths and numbers

A Curriculum for Knowledge, engendering a respect and responsibility for our world

In a local and increasingly global context, the children will experience the wonder and beauty of the natural and human world and it’s past and consider it’s future. A developing knowledge and understanding and the relationship between the human and natural world will give children opportunities to think about and discuss with ethical and technological issues and positive ways they can contribute to a better world.

  • We develop a knowledge and understanding of the issues,
  • We encourage a discerning and critical approach to information
  • We foster the ability to think in creative and open-minded ways.
  • Children learn about the environment and the science of how the world works
  • Geographical differences and how they affect people’s lives


If you require further information regarding our Curriculum, please contact the school office on 0121 706 3932 or email