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Parking and Vehicle Safety

We all have a duty to promote the image of our school in the Olton community.  It is essential that parents recognise the rights and choices made by local residents.  Parents are asked not to park across driveways and to ensure that their children respect their environment, especially when coming to and leaving school. Families using First Choice Childcare are respectfully asked to have left their children with staff well before 8.30am so that school traffic and visitors can park safely.

We provide permits for on-site parking for pupils with additional needs for whom the walk from Olton Friary or home presents difficulties. These permits are granted at the discretion of the headteacher upon application to the school office.

No other parking is permitted on our site.

Our school site is very busy and potentially dangerous at the beginning and end of the school day. As adults, we are powerful role models for our children and, as a school, we respectfully urge all parents to act upon the following advice:

  • Park in Olton Friary car park when delivering and collecting children
  • Olton Friary have requested parents do not park in the yellow disabled spaces without a blue badge.  Also that parking there is time limited, half an hour parking, twice a day.  This should especially be adhered to as on occasion when they have a funeral, the hearse has been unable to park near the church door.
  • Due to health & safety reasons, the graveyard is out of bounds unless visiting a relative.
  • Do not obstruct residents’ access to their property by parking across private driveways
  • Do not park on pavements or at bus stops – both actions are illegal
  • Arrive and leave before 8.30am if you are using First Choice Childcare.
  • In the interests of health and safety, please do not bring dogs onto the school site
  • Children must walk down the school drive keeping to the footpath and crossing the drive with great care.