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Happiness, Growth and Excellence for All

At Langley Primary School, we strive to create the best possible learning environment for every child, celebrating their individuality and what they can bring to our school community.

Underpinning our school’s dynamic, high-quality learning environment are our values. Our six core values: trust, respect, accountability, integrity, openness and pro-activity define how we relate together and help us to support one another towards excellence.

School is a busy place where learning is not just confined to the curriculum. We learn how to relate to others, how to build a strong community and develop inward characteristics that enable us all to succeed. This is what some of our students think.

Our curriculum is constantly evolving to reflect the needs that today’s learners will need in the future. We see so many success stories of children from a wide range of backgrounds, all with individual needs, achieving so much, and enjoy celebrating this with their families. We love the richness that diversity of culture brings and with seventeen home languages being spoken by our children we celebrate all that our cultures represent.

I hope that you find the site useful and that you can find all you want to know.

Mrs M Green

Head Teacher